A downloadable Tower of Heresy for Windows

This title combines exploratory elements in a dark environment with classic RPG elements.
It was created entirely on the RPGMaker VX Ace program, which is used in particular by many small Indie teams for the development of JRPG video games, but used in this case to make an Action RPG with Hack'n Slash mechanics instead.
The gameplay was inspired by many rpg games, including the "Souls": it provides a choice of different classes that influence weapons and armor that can be used or not during the story, a level by level character growth system, in which each class will have to choose carefully how to spend your own points. It will be possible to upgrade the equipment by using specific objects, and to use different weapons and spells buffs.
The enemies have an elementary AI (Artificial Intelligence) but functional for the various fights and bossfights present in the game.

The game features:

  • Combat based on the player's ability and reactivity. Dodge, combos, special skills, combinable with each other.
  • 83 different weapons to use, specific to classes and ways of playing. (bows, magician's sticks, sword, axes, sticks, whips, maces)
  • 25 armor, visible on the character. (Heavy armor, light armor, light shields, heavy shields, accessories, rings, clothes.)
  • Wide and explorable maps full of secrets.
  • 10 Bosses to defeat, different from each other.
  • 12 hours of gameplay, if you follow the story linearly.(The demo contains the first 3 hours of gameplay)
  • 4 classes to choose with 5 different special abilities.
  • Compelling and obscure history, in a world dominated by hatred and lies, where an oppressed race tries to survive.
  • Many useful objects for the adventure to be collected.
  • Charismatic NPCs.
  • Unlockable events after the end of the game, with the ability to test their skills and character.
  • Possibility to upgrade weapons and armor.
  • Possibility to use two weapons simultaneously to create combos.
  • Lore to discover through NPCs and objects around the game maps.

If you want to test your skills as a player, Tower of Heresy is the title for you, both for those who love rpgmaker games and for those who are not used to playing it.

I invite anyone to try the demo and leave feedback, so that we can improve the game and be able to offer you a better experience.

Install instructions

The minimum requirements: Core 2 Duo E4500 and on a Core i5

Inside the Zip file, you will find the Build.exe, a text file and a folder called Tower of Heresy, click the .exe file, extract the folder inside it called "Tower of Heresy" and overwrite it to the Tower of Heresy folder found inside the zip file, open the folder, click the .exe file and the game will open in a window.

With the new patch 0.0.7 it is possible to set Fullscreen directly by pressing F5, and adjust the size of the game window with the F6 key, both at fullscreen and windowed.

To put the game screen in full screen, press F1, options will appear with the first one not checked, check it and close the game, reopen it and it will open to Full screen.
For those who own a monitor that does not support the resolution format of RPGMaker VX Ace, after the game is opened in windows, press ALT + Enter and the windows will adapt to the screen.


Tower of Heresy Demo 305 MB

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