A downloadable Tower of Heresy for Windows

Walk inside the Tower of Heresy as a prisoner of the tower and make your way through monsters and wild beasts, looking for the reason for your awakening in this mysterious place.

Make your way through powerful enemies with swords, hammers, axes, bows and daggers, dodging, blocking enemy blows and keeping distance with bows and magic.

Equip the best items and armor for your adventure, exploring each crevice and hiding place in search of secret treasures.

The game is a retro-style action role-playing game with exploratory elements and difficult fights that reward the player's responsiveness and choice of action.

It also includes a weapon and a special ring that will allow you to lock the character level to increase the challenge level.

The gameplay was inspired by many rpg games, including the "Legend of Zelda": It provides a choice of different classes that influence weapons and armor that can be used or not during the story, a level by level character growth system, in which each class will have to choose carefully how to spend your own points. It will be possible to upgrade the equipment by using specific objects, and using different weapons and spells buffs.

The game features:

  • Combat based on the player's ability and reactivity. Dodge, combos, special skills, combinable with each other.
  • 83 different weapons to use, specific to classes and ways of playing. (bows, magician's sticks, sword, axes, sticks, whips, maces)
  • 25 armor, visible on the character. (Heavy armor, light armor, light shields, heavy shields, accessories, rings, clothes.)
  • Wide and explorable maps full of secrets.
  • 10 Bosses to defeat, different from each other.
  • 12 hours of gameplay, if you follow the story linearly.(The demo contains the first 3 hours of gameplay)
  • 4 classes to choose with 5 different special abilities.
  • Compelling and obscure history, in a world dominated by hatred and lies, where an oppressed race tries to survive.
  • Many useful objects for the adventure to be collected.
  • Charismatic NPCs.
  • Unlockable events after the end of the game, with the ability to test their skills and character.
  • Possibility to upgrade weapons and armor.
  • Possibility to use two weapons simultaneously to create combos.
  • Lore to discover through NPCs and objects around the game maps.

The demo here has 3 hours of gameplay, including the tutorial area, the first zone, the second zone and the third, along with bonus weapons to have these weapons in the original game: a falcione, an axe and a stick magician.

It also includes a weapon and a special ring that allow you to block the character's level and increase the damage taken to increase the challenge level.

How soon will you be able to finish the demo or the complete game?
You are invited to post your speedrunner and explorer ventures to the community, exploring every corner of the tower in search of hidden treasures, and powers to make your character stronger and stronger

Twitter: https://twitter.com/of_heresy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TowerOfHeresy/

If you want to test your skills as a player, Tower of Heresy is the title for you, both for those who love rpgmaker games and for those who are not used to playing it.

I invite anyone to try the demo and leave feedback, so that we can improve the game and be able to offer you a better experience.

For the Complete and Updated Game CLICK HERE

Install instructions

The Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6200u
  • Memory: 2 GB di RAM
  • Graphics: Intel hd graphics 620
  • Hard Drive: 314 MB 
  • Sound: Windows Realtek Digital
  • Note: The game may be lagging because of the size of some areas, make sure you have a proper CPU to support the lights.

The Recommended Requirement:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB di RAM
  • Graphics: Intel hd graphics 620
  • Hard Drive: 314 MB 
  • Scound: Windows Realtek Digital


Inside the Zip file, you will find the Build.exe, a text file and a folder called Tower of Heresy, click the .exe file, extract the folder inside it called "Tower of Heresy" and overwrite it to the Tower of Heresy folder found inside the zip file, open the folder, click the .exe file and the game will open in a window.

With the new patch 0.0.7 it is possible to set Fullscreen directly by pressing F5, and adjust the size of the game window with the F6 key, both at fullscreen and windowed.

To put the game screen in full screen, press F1, options will appear with the first one not checked, check it and close the game, reopen it and it will open to Full screen.
For those who own a monitor that does not support the resolution format of RPGMaker VX Ace, after the game is opened in windows, press ALT + Enter and the windows will adapt to the screen.


Tower Of Heresy 1.2 314 MB

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Hi there friend, I have played your game a little bit and made a little video on Youtube with some feedback if you want to check out some time. : )

---Spoilers and Bad Language are in the Video---

(Feel free to move or delete)

(1 edit)

Thanks for making a video about the game!!!!
I am sorry to inform you that the demo version of Itch is very old and does not include all the updates and improvements of the full game on Steam. Just to give an example, the initial part after leaving the room has a different level design, the lettering has been improved and the maps contain atmospheric music.
In addition, there have been balances to make the game a little more accessible to those not used to playing action rpg.
I appreciate tips and advices, many have already been implemented, but what you have played is the first part of the game: tutorial and first level, many things will be explained later in the story.
Also, praise you for making it this far without using the 10 attribute points you had available for the 2 levels you acquired.
On Steam you can also find a Walktrought made by a community member.

If you liked it and want to keep playing just out of curiosity, you can buy the game and import your saves so you don't lose your progresses.

Thank you again, have fun!
(ps.: can I ask you if can change the link on your youtube channel and put the link of Steam instead, please? Thank you.)

(1 edit) (+1)

I had an issue with the screen resolution ... should have read your patch notes before posting. :) I'll do some play testing and try to give some feedback.

Thank you so much, i hope you can play it, and have fun!  Thank you for the future feedback! :D


I like that it has that old-school Legend of Zelda style gameplay. I like the little puzzles and hidden items you incorporated, and I can see you created a pretty in-depth combat/damage system. My one critique would be the menu system ... the menus could be consolidated and streamlined, making it easier to equip your character and add items/spells to the hotbar. Overall, nice work!


Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate it very much! 

Yes, you are right, during the development of the game I tried different menu styles, but unfortunately the other menus came into conflict with the equipment of the weapons, so I've choose a less intuitive but more functional menu style.

Anyway, thank you again, I hope you had fun and enjoy the game! 

Soon I will post update for the release of the complete game :D